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Items CPI in January 2012 issue

Machined concrete manhole bases now also at Dolomit in Hungary

The Dolomit Kft. concrete works are based at Gánt, approx. 50 km west of Budapest. The company was privatised in 1990 and has its origins in a gravel works whose products are still sold today across Hungary. In 2002 Dolomit entered the concrete business, which was the beginning of a new era for the company. The company invested in a manhole base production machine and started producing concrete products, mainly for underground construction applications.

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Items BFT in May 2011 issue

Monolithic manhole base production using milling technology

A speedy little robot works in the Allgäu region

Since 1909, Rinninger, a family-run company in the South German Allgäu region, has been manufacturing concrete products. Today, the fourth generation of the family is dedicated to producing concrete and precast components. BFT editorial staff met managing director Jörg Rinninger at the factory to visit the newly installed Primuss® line for monolithic manhole bases in operation.

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Items BFT in April 2011 issue

Cast and milled – monolithic concrete manhole
bases from Denmark

Following on from the commissioning of the first monolithic concrete manhole base production line with the Primuss System from Prinzing in 2009 (see CPI 5/2009), there are now already ten concrete production facilities using this system not even two years later in six European countries. Just recently, the family-run business of Gammelrand Beton A/S in Denmark took the step of investing in the Primuss System. After its run-in period, final testing was carried out by Prinzing technicians at the end of May.

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Items CPI in March 2011 issue

Creabeton begins manufacturing milled monolithic concrete manhole base sections in Switzerland

The Swiss company, Creabeton Produktions AG, belongs to Müller-Steinag Holding AG. Their production facilities in Brugg, Flawil and Trimmis, trading under the name of Creabeton Produktions AG, manufacture all types of concrete goods for the construction industry. The firm maintains distribution centres in the north and the east of Switzerland. Products are marketed via Müller-Steinag Baustoff AG and Creabeton Baustoff AG. This latter company is also a sales network for catalogued products from Müller-Steinag Group, who stock a full range of concrete
goods for civil engineering, road construction, landscape gardening and environmental design.

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Items CPI in February 2011 issue

Resource-preserving production of precast concrete manholes

The objective and new challenge for the Prinzing company is to further develop production processes and machines so as to achieve the maximum degree of sustainability and environmental protection. A large step in this direction has been successfully taken with the further development of the Tornado/Primuss, so that manhole bases, rings, necks and covers can now be produced rationally and economically on just one plant. The first of these modern and innovative plants has already been sold to Hungary.

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Items BFT in October 2010 issue

Concrete Manhole Bases
Sustainable Upgrading of Production

Precast producers are using industrial robots to an increasing extent. In most cases, these robots perform handling tasks. The supplier Prinzing, located in Blaubeuren, Germany, has developed a process in which an industrial robot directly produces monolithic manhole bases in any desired channel and connection layout (for a comprehensive description of the Primuss process see BFT 10/09).

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Items CPI in June 2010 issue

Production of individually milled monolithic concrete manhole bases successfully started at the Rinninger company

The name Rinninger has stood for quality and reliability for more than 100 years. The company, which is based in Kisslegg in the German region of the Allgaeu and is now in the 4th generation of family ownership, supplies its customers with various concrete products. Hans Rinninger u. Sohn GmbH u. Co. KG specialises in underground construction, building construction, garden and landscape construction and prefabricated elements for the most diverse applications. The Rinninger company offers many different solutions which are used, for example, in houses from the cellar to the roof, in road construction, in sewer construction and in many other areas of application. What began in 1909 with a construction business and a building material retail store has developed over the years into a medium-size enterprise with 180 employees.

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Items BFT in April 2010 issue

Tradition and progress - Primuss Robot at bauma 2010

Prinzing is proud to look back on a long company history and thus will display for the EIth time at the world’s largest exhibition for construction machinery in Munich. Sustainable developments are especially in demand, this means reducing the energy consumption, improving working conditions, optimizing the products, avoiding plastics, and of course increasing the eOciency considerably.

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Items CPI in February 2010 issue

Innovative products at the bauma 2010

The Prinzing company from Blaubeuren in Germany can look back on a long company history and is hence exhibiting for the 29th time at the world’s largest construction machine trade fair in Munich. Innovations await visitors and prospective customers that will fulfil their ideas and expectations, and with which the zeitgeist of the present and the future are compatible. This means that there is particular demand for sustain - able developments that reduce energy requirements, improve conditions of work, optimise products, avoid the use of plastics and, in particular of course, considerably improve economy and hence competitiveness. Prinzing is in the fortunate position once again of being able to present such a genuine innovation to the professional public at the bauma, namely the Primuss milling robot, which mills channels and connections in manhole bottoms fully automatically.

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