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Looking to the future


The optimum manhole base is manufactured monolithically out of concrete with any possible geometry channelling and pipe connections. The channels have uniform circular arcs and hence excellent flow characteristics.

With the new developed system, PRIMUSS® meets all product specifications with maximum efficiency. 



1. Typical manhole base parameters (e.g. nominal diameter, inlet / outlet connection diameters, inlet/outlet connection positions) specified by the end user are entered in an ERP-Software program at the time of ordering. This parameter data is then transmitted to the robot control whereupon the milling program is generated automatically. This avoids potential human error during production as each manhole base produced then matches exactly to the order parameters in the purchase documents.

2. To maintain size and shape the fresh dry cast concrete bodies remain on steel profile rings with the inner steel mould core during the partial curing period.


3. & 4. After a short curing time the new base component is placed upside down on the milling robot framework. The robot then accurately mills the benching channels, together with the inlet and outlet bores.

5. & 6. Thereafter the steel profile ring is removed and the manhole base is rotated back to its standard position.