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Archiv until 2009
Items BFT in October 2009 issue

Primuss- State-of-the-art machine for monolithic manhole bases

German concrete producer Ruf GmbH has been in business for over 120 years and is renowned for innovative and ecient solutions to everything related to building. In the company’s  concrete plant  at  Wilburgstetten,  concrete pipes and manhole elements are produced on a grand scale. Ruf GmbH  became  aware  of  the  new manufacturing process for monolithic manhole bases developed by Prinzing GmbH, a manufacturer based in the German town of Blaubeuren, at the beginning of 2008, following several publications in the trade press. And also in particular an article was published in the August 2008 issue of the BFT magazine.

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Items CPI in May 2009 issue

Production of milled monolithic manhole bases successfully commenced

The Ruf concrete production facility in Germany has been in existence for more than 120 years and are well known for innovative and efficient solutions in construction work. In their Wilburgstetten production facility, concrete pipes and precast manholes are produced on a large scale. Ruf’s attention was drawn to the new Primuss manufacturing process for monolithic manhole base units - made by Prinzing from Blaubeuren, Germany - on account of several articles in the relevant press and, in particular, a report published in CPI 04/2008.

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Items BFT in August 2008 issue

Monolithic manhole base sections with variable drain configurations
Functional and economical manufacturing process

Under the Primus brand name, Prinzing GmbH, headquartered in Blaubeuren, has launched a new manufacturing process for manhole base sections (see BFT INTERNATIONAL 12/2007). This completely new process has been further developed to production-line status and features a high degree of automation. As a result, the number of staff required to manufacture base sections with variable drain confi gurations can be reduced enormously. The monolithic Primus base sections fulfi l most demanding requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy, functional parameters and durability. In addition, the process meets the current sustainability requirements.

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Items CPI in April 2008 issue

PRIMUS manhole bottoms are functional, economical and ecological

Prinzing GmbH from Blaubeuren has brought a new production method for manhole bottoms onto the market under the brand name PRIMUS. A preliminary report appeared in BWI 06/07. The completely new method has been further developed up to readiness for production and distinguishes itself by a high degree of automation, so that only very little use of personnel is required for the production of manhole bottoms with variable channels. The monolithic PRIMUS manhole bottoms fulfil the highest demands in relation to dimensional accuracy, function and long service life. The method additionally fulfils the latest requirements in relation to ecological environmental consciousness.

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Items CPI in June 2007 issue

New production method for manhole bottoms

The Prinzing company presents a new manufacturing method that allows monolithic manhole
bottoms with freely programmable channels to be produced fully automatically. Discussions with
customers and users have shown that there is very great interest in this completely new method.
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